Transparent Terminal

March 20, 2009

We use our Terminal to do various processes. Do you ever think, why this terminal is always this boring one. Can it be themed ? A great idea ? Yea ?

Ooh.sorry. I don’t know how !

But, we can make it transparent. Let’s see how.

First open Terminal from Applications > Terminal.

Go to ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Profiles’.

Then click the ‘Edit’ button. It will open a new window.

From there switch to ‘Background’ tab. There, click the ‘Transparent Background’ radio button.

You can adjust the transparency using the slider.

Hooray… My terminal is also now transparent !

Now Command and Conquer !

There are many ways to download videos directly to your PC. Also, the You tube team is planning to launch an option for this also.

Here is a simple way to download videos to your home directory.

  • Go to Applications > Terminal.

  • Type sudo apt-get install clive.

Then it will asks for your root password. Type it correctly.

  • Press Y, when a confirmation question appears.

  • Now, clive will be installed.

Ooh, I forgot to tell what is clive ? !

Clive is a command-line based tool to download You tube, Google videos ..

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and copy the You tube URL to download.

  • Type clive <video URL> in the terminal.

Paste copied URL in place of <video URL>.

After the download completes yo can view the video file from your home folder.